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File: FreeUI05-23-13
Hello just wanted to stop by and sa...
Posted By: jidz
Hello just wanted to stop by and say thanks for a great UI! It looks awesome and I am really happy with it! I have one small question though, i can't get it to stop placing the loot window under my mouse, i deselected the option in the Interface and my "lootUnderMouse" in config-cache.wtf is set to 0.
File: Altoholic03-21-10
@Thaoky SV Files? :o what are those...
Posted By: jidz
@Thaoky SV Files? :o what are those, i will do some google searching brb. Update 1: I think you mean SavedVariables, hmm how do i upload them? i have 2 btw, im using 2 accounts so i split my wow install up in 2 folders so i can have difrent settings and addons
File: Altoholic03-16-10
Hello, Thaoky and other Altoholic d...
Posted By: jidz
Hello, Thaoky and other Altoholic dev. (if there are others) I was trying this great addon and wanted to use the support of multible accounts and the feature of account sharring. but i dont know, it seems there is a problem with it. i send the request (both have enabled it) to my other toon, on a diffrent account, same server. th...