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File: kgPanels07-09-12
KGPanels randomly changes size
Posted By: jimmydanny
Hi! When I set up my frames with a certain size and position based on eye with the mouse, then lock it, restart the game, the frame is always 1 pixel smaller in both directions, the upper and left side, which I guess is because anchor is in the lower right corner. But does anyone know what is doing this? My UI is based on being...
File: oUF_Smee203-20-10
Some major errors occuring here
Posted By: jimmydanny
Lots off errors actually. Like, my targettarget is missing. Next time I log on, my pet is missing, and after that pettarget is missing. Or just target. When it is target that is missing, it uses the original WoW UF, but I don't get any LUA errors. Yours, Jim EDIT: Got a LUA error for something else instead :) Message: In...