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File: EventHorizon Continued06-29-11
I can confirm that for Shadowpriest...
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I can confirm that for Shadowpriests it still works like a charm!
File: EventHorizon Continued06-28-11
4.2 ready
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Hi, Know you don't play anymore. But do you have any intel, if this beautiful piece of an addon will work for 4.2? Grtz, Wes
File: EventHorizon Continued (Beta release)10-14-10
Well I'm happy it's working again :...
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Well I'm happy it's working again :D. I did change the combined bars to spells have their own bars again. But I must really thank you for making it work again in 4.0.1. I totally lost on my shadowpriest and feral kitty without it. A 1000 times thank you!!! Originally posted by Taroven To each his own. It was a minor increase...
File: Manriel UI (ex Alekk UI)06-22-10
Originally posted by 4skn О...
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Originally posted by 4skn Очень давно мучает проблема. Никак не справлюсь. oUF нk...
File: Manriel UI (ex Alekk UI)03-24-10
Re: Ui Scale
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Originally posted by Mixmaster Which version do I use if my screen is 2560/1600 ? Is there a way to unlock the artwork and move it? I tried the Blizzard scale adjuster, it is still messed up. help plz Beste thing you could do is use the 1900/1080 version. You can not 'unlock' the artwork, but you can alter/edit it. But...