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File: oUF Skaarj12-04-12
Posted By: Kurtz
I have 2 questions. 1. Could I see the 'power' on 'Boss frame'? 2. When target's level is '90', I can't distinguish between elite and normal. Could I notice that target is elite or normal even if target's level is '90'? sorry poor english. ;)
File: oUF Skaarj10-05-12
how could I use 'this'?
Posted By: Kurtz
thanks you for updating awsome addon I play MOP and I found that something is not shown. I check my addons. It doesn't seem like unitframe but when I turn off ouf_skaarj, it showed. http://pds25.egloos.com/pds/201210/05/63/b0007763_506ee1c070cfe.jpg sorry poor english skill
File: oUF_Nivaya12-22-10
tags.lua -> change the following tw...
Posted By: Kurtz
tags.lua -> change the following two tags to (untested, adjust color strings to your preference): ------------------------------------------------------- -- Name tag for player and target frames oUF.Tags = function(u) local name = oUF_Nivaya:ShortName(_TAGS(u), 25, true) local c = (UnitReaction(u) < 3) and ' |cffFF0000'...
File: oUF_Nivaya10-24-10
To Rixxon Edit the file '\ouf_Ni...
Posted By: Kurtz
To Rixxon Edit the file '\ouf_Nivaya\int_and_config.lua' line 659 like I added 'Red color' oUF_Nivaya.number = function(n) if n >= 1e7 then return ('%.1fm'):format(n / 1e6):gsub('%.?0()$', '%1') elseif n >= 1e6 then return ('%.2fm'):format(n / 1e6):gsub('%.?0+()$', '%1') --elseif n >= 1e5 then return ('%.0fk')...
File: oUF_Nivaya10-21-10
thanks for updating. I have anot...
Posted By: Kurtz
thanks for updating. I have another problem. When my character levels up, Unitframe's level number doesn't change. My character's level is 3, but unitframe's leve number is 2 until type /reload or re-join.
File: oUF_Nivaya10-17-10
I have a problem
Posted By: Kurtz
I play rogue, Rogue's power number is not smooth. for example, if I use skill, so power number 100->45. and gaining power 45->46->47...etc continuous. but 45->53->77-like that- gain power number is not continuous. power bar is smooth and continuous movement, only number is not. I'm not native, so I'm afraid you might n...
File: oUF_RaidDebuffs03-25-10
Originally posted by yaroot You s...
Posted By: Kurtz
Originally posted by yaroot You should create a file to do that like what McBloed did, not modifying this mod. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
File: oUF_RaidDebuffs03-25-10
Originally posted by yleaf @Kurtz...
Posted By: Kurtz
Originally posted by yleaf @Kurtz & @McBloed I don't want to maintain the debuff data, so you have to put those debuff names in the settings yourself. It's not that complicated. But I wrote in ouf_RaidDebuff.lua line 12, it didn't work. no error message.
File: oUF_Nivaya03-25-10
Originally posted by polarB3AR Ca...
Posted By: Kurtz
Originally posted by polarB3AR Can anyone lead me to the line where I can change the numbers of debuffs on my target ? *found it find this code in ouf_Nivaya.lua: self.Debuffs.showDebuffType = true self.Debuffs.size = nivcfgDB.debuffSize self.Debuffs.num = 12 oUF_Nivaya:UpdateAuraPos(self, unit, "de...
File: oUF_RaidDebuffs03-23-10
Thx for nice addon :)
Posted By: Kurtz
but I can't understand this text- 'You need a config file (): ' I want to show important raid debuffs icon. What should I do? (I can show 'magic' debuff, when My character is prist) (Sorry, I'm poor at english.)