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File: Multishot (Screenshot)02-13-16
is this AddOn being upgraded at all...
Posted By: wildwynd
is this AddOn being upgraded at all anymore? Its one of the more useful ones. Is there an alternative that works as well?
File: DecUI01-26-15
Re: Updating
Posted By: wildwynd
Thanks for the UI it's awesome but..... can we get updates? Ditto that
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-21-15
Oh thank God
Posted By: wildwynd
EVERYONE: Just a heads up that I am in the process of making SVUI available through curse! If all goes as planned this will allow you all to run the curse client in order to keep SVUI properly installed and updated. No ETA just yet but this will be happening very soon. Stay tuned.... ooh can't wait, will be nice to be able t...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-13-15
Awesome AddOn
Posted By: wildwynd
I love the AddOn and you update far more frequently than other AddOn developers, thank you for the hard work. Cheers Mate
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-12-15
Equipment manager
Posted By: wildwynd
it may just be me, but i can't find the equipment manager on my character screen. I like to have my fishing outfit and my regular gear in two sets so i can switch easily. am i missing it or is it just not there?
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)12-01-14
Action bars
Posted By: wildwynd
I love this AddOn, I just downloaded it and am really loving it. I am missing some action bars though. I like to have 1 and 2 showing all the time and I can't find a preference for that. Also the chat box on the right seems to be blacked out. Cant find a preference for that either.
File: DecUI05-25-13
Version 6.88 for patch 5.3.0 upload...
Posted By: wildwynd
Version 6.88 for patch 5.3.0 uploaded, both the core and supplement packages, see Changelog for changes. As always, try a clean install as directed on the UI homepage IF you run into issues. I love your UI but I have a question, Maybe its been covered but I cant find it. Which Addons are safe for me to update with my curse c...
File: DecUI04-22-13
Posted By: wildwynd
I just downloaded your addon, got it setup perfectly just the way I want it. Perfect set up by the way I am loving it. But for the life of me I can't find the calendar? Where is it? My guild uses it a lot.
File: SpartanUI04-21-13
Raid Frames
Posted By: wildwynd
I dont know if this is a spartan problem or an addon conflict with some other addon I have but my Raid Frames look like this. Other than this detail I love this Addon. http://s23.postimg.org/4fjuf8ojr/raidframes_11.jpg
File: MayronUI Gen503-22-13
Font size in chat
Posted By: wildwynd
This may have been answered, if it was sorry for asking again. every time I log in my font size in all chat windows defaults to 10 or 12, whichever the default is. I cant see that at all. is there a way to set my font size that will stick between reloads of the UI? Other than that everything is perfect.
File: FaceShooter03-24-10
thank you for the quick fix. amazin...
Posted By: wildwynd
thank you for the quick fix. amazing work.
File: FaceShooter03-23-10
Like everybody else I use this addo...
Posted By: wildwynd
Like everybody else I use this addon alot. I hope it updates soon. Are there any other AddOns that serve a similar purpose?