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File: DecUI05-25-13
Version 6.88 for patch 5.3.0 upload...
Posted By: wildwynd
Version 6.88 for patch 5.3.0 uploaded, both the core and supplement packages, see Changelog for changes. As always, try a clean install as directed on the UI homepage IF you run into issues. I love your UI but I have a question, Maybe its been covered but I cant find it. Which Addons are safe for me to update with my curse c...
File: DecUI04-22-13
Posted By: wildwynd
I just downloaded your addon, got it setup perfectly just the way I want it. Perfect set up by the way I am loving it. But for the life of me I can't find the calendar? Where is it? My guild uses it a lot.
File: SpartanUI04-21-13
Raid Frames
Posted By: wildwynd
I dont know if this is a spartan problem or an addon conflict with some other addon I have but my Raid Frames look like this. Other than this detail I love this Addon.
File: MayronUI Gen403-22-13
Font size in chat
Posted By: wildwynd
This may have been answered, if it was sorry for asking again. every time I log in my font size in all chat windows defaults to 10 or 12, whichever the default is. I cant see that at all. is there a way to set my font size that will stick between reloads of the UI? Other than that everything is perfect.
File: FaceShooter03-24-10
thank you for the quick fix. amazin...
Posted By: wildwynd
thank you for the quick fix. amazing work.
File: FaceShooter03-23-10
Like everybody else I use this addo...
Posted By: wildwynd
Like everybody else I use this addon alot. I hope it updates soon. Are there any other AddOns that serve a similar purpose?