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File: Mono UI07-19-11
The whole game client freezes every...
Posted By: Nudelhorst
The whole game client freezes everytime someone joins my party or raid while I am infight. It happens often in Tol Barad. All i can do is type /rl and pray that the game recognizes the command so I can play until the next player joins. I disabled every addon that is not in this compilation and updated each addon to 10.8.5 but stil...
File: Mono UI10-12-10
Originally posted by Abie I under...
Posted By: Nudelhorst
Originally posted by Abie I understand you don't give advice on changing the UI but can anybody point me in the right direction of how to move the player and target cast bars? I'm trying to move them in between the player and target unit frames. Its a bit tricky because only movement of the focus cast bar is prepared by the aut...
File: Mono UI10-04-10
Re: low fps in raid
Posted By: Nudelhorst
Hi Monolit, i dont like your new Aura overlays... the stack counter is nearly invisible. Which Addon modifies them so I can disable the new look?
File: Mono UI09-23-10
For me the Player and Target Bars d...
Posted By: Nudelhorst
For me the Player and Target Bars didnt work right. Health and Power Bars didn't deplete. I fixed this disabling --self.Health.Smooth = true --self.Power.Smooth = true in core.lua of ouf_mono. I dont know if this is a general Problem..
File: Arp UI03-25-10
1.36 finally fixed the overlapping...
Posted By: Nudelhorst
1.36 finally fixed the overlapping windows. Thank you. Keep up the good work on this nearly perfect UI.
File: Arp UI03-24-10
Re: Overlaping issue
Posted By: Nudelhorst
Disabling gMinimap fixes the problem with the overlapping windows for me but thats just a workaround. Yesterday I deleted and reinstalled the interface and WTF directories but it didn't help.
File: Arp UI03-24-10
Originally posted by Imported Hey...
Posted By: Nudelhorst
Originally posted by Imported Hey... i just updated the ui for the new version in 1680 1050.. But i still have problems with the overlapping of charsheet and proffesion windows.. I have this problem in the 1080 version again after using the update that removed "moveanything"