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Any given action bar....
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Very impressive speech loui, al pachino would be proud. Ironic that i get it and im english though :p Question before i install it though, i've used Tukui for about a year and pretty much had to learn basic lui coding to make it my own. Your's seems very flexible and certainly a nice UI. I need a fair lot of space on my actionbars...
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Re: Re: heath/mana bar not working
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Originally posted by Spectrezh was wondering why Ignis's health bar was still showing 100% when he was like at 5%...yes please anyway to fix it...gets confusing. 3.3.3 had some modifications to the tooltip functions. I don't code but a temp fix is to do the following: - Download an Lua editor (eg. Luaedit 2.5) - Open core.l...