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File: AuctionLite10-29-10
Hi, i use v1.7.1 on German Cient an...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, i use v1.7.1 on German Cient and have an issue with selling items. If the addon is Active it doesn't matter if i use the Bizzard Auction Tap or the Addons Action Tap i get this problem: for example i want so sell "Frostweave Cloth" (Froststoff) and i type in 8g 99s 0c for sell i press OK and the addon somehow sets the price up...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-21-10
PLS update ShadowedUFAuraIndicator :(
Posted By: Tonyleila
PLS update ShadowedUFAuraIndicator :(
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider10-21-10
Originally posted by xentaros I'll...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by xentaros I'll see if I can come up with a workaround for next release, but if that's the only frame you're hiding then all you really need is a addon like this ... or a macro that does this Nice :). I wont't use a macro because i want to see the raidframe menu bar only when i mouseover it... i don't know a M...
File: Kong Automatic UI Hider10-19-10
Great addon i'll use it only for hi...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Great addon i'll use it only for hiding the Blizz raid frame flowout button is it possible to fix this: http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/9485/kongi.jpg
File: Raid Frame Be Gone10-19-10
Hmm i won't use the latest version....
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hmm i won't use the latest version... Can't you do somthing like Kong Automatic UI Hider does? It hides the button on the side (when you set it up to do this) and when you mouse over it it shows the normal Blizz raid frame thing... So you won't have to programm a Button for this and its more comfortable just a suggestion
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)10-19-10
Re: frage..
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by ayuchan94 ...debuffs auf meinem ziel größer machen und vllt allgemein etwas verschieben.. dankeschön :p Hi, die optionen der Unit frames (SUF/Shadowed UF) kannst du mit /suf aufrufen wenn du nur allgemein was verschieben willst musst du nur im ersten fenste was sich da öffnet das häckchen bei "fenster sper...
File: Raid Frame Be Gone10-18-10
Hi, nice addon! I integrated it in...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, nice addon! I integrated it into my UI LeilaUI2 and I hope for 2.0 soon :) Any changlog for 1.5?
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)10-16-10
Update! Note: Its just a BETA vers...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Update! Note: Its just a BETA version so there will be some small BUGS and not all the addons are includet yet! (like SUF aura indicators) But all realy importent things will work :) Edit: new addon nibUIScale: Your Account UI Scale will automatically set to so if you want to change your ui scale type /nibuiscale account X...
File: Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)10-15-10
Re: Re: Right Click
Posted By: Tonyleila
Thx for the update, i get this bug from Bugsack: 1x Gnosis-v2.01\Bars.lua:615: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) Gnosis-v2.01\Bars.lua:615: in function `UIScaleUpdate' Gnosis-v2.01\Gnosis.lua:262: in function : in function `SetCVar' nibUIScale-0.2.0\Core.lua:26: in function...
File: Bazooka10-14-10
Posted By: Tonyleila
This is the Data Broker display! - easy to config - lower memory usage as all the other even StatBlockCore - maximum configurable! pls update it as soon as possible ;)
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-14-10
Originally posted by Satrina Ther...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Satrina There is not much more I can say other than if you can't wait, there are plenty of other options for buff addons out there. You can't compare any Buff addon with SBF!!! So don't let you put under pressure and update it if you have the time for it! We love you :banana:
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-11-10
thx so much Shadowed! I hope someo...
Posted By: Tonyleila
thx so much Shadowed! I hope someone will release SUF as a new addon for 4.0 soon!
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-08-10
Originally posted by Shadowed I'm...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Originally posted by Shadowed I'm pretty sure PTR is not synced to 4.0 code then, since any sort of power bar shouldn't be working at the very least. mana bar is working... holy power isent showing up. I cant see my group members when i am in a grp on PTR... :(
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)10-05-10
Hi, i won't stop playing WoW with c...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, i won't stop playing WoW with cataclysm so LeilaUI2 will be continued! I tested it in PTR and there many problems (some addons stoped working and aren't supported any more), so it will last some time to find new addons and config them. Stay tuned!
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-29-10
:eek: me sad now... pls continu...
Posted By: Tonyleila
:eek: me sad now... pls continue this great addon :(:( PS: how mouch do i have to donate to change your mind? :D
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)09-27-10
Neue version 2.3 ist da alle änderu...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Neue version 2.3 ist da alle änderungen stehen im Change Log, sagt bescheit wenn irgentwas noch nicht geht :) Bin grade noch dabei mit Sarás hilfe einen Macro Broker für PhoenixStyle zu schreiben, vorläufig ist jetzt erstmal Macro Broker drin um den zugang zu PhoenixStyle einfacher zu machen.
File: Broker_Equipment09-26-10
Hi, i like your addon and i use it...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, i like your addon and i use it for my interface (wowinterface.com/downloads/info17709-LeilaUIv2.html) and on the german version there is a very long word called "unbekannt" (unknown) when i use a set thats not in the list. Is it possible to shortn this to "N/A" ? because it won't fit into my bar when i use a unknown set :D
File: Currency 2 Cataclysm09-26-10
Nice addon. Will it consider the Ho...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Nice addon. Will it consider the Honor and Justice cap? : Quote by blizz Vaneras Again, the softcap for both Honor and Justice conversions is 4000 points. This means that if a character converts to above 4,000 points, it will not be possible for them to earn more until they fall below the 4,000 cap. A hardcap will be implement...
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)09-18-10
Thank you for the comments! Wäre...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Thank you for the comments! Wäre super Tiroudil wenn dir mir mal screenshot zeigst wie es bei dir aussieht, wenn du das interface wirklich benutzt schreib doch mal ob bei dir alles funktioniert oder was dir noch fehlt! Als ich es gestern noch mal getestet habe wurde z.B. die Uhr an der minimap immernoch doppelt angezeigt obwohl i...
File: Reflux09-10-10
Hi, how to add profils form recount...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi, how to add profils form recount or Stuffing? I tried /reflux add RecountDB ...RecountDB Added to emulation list. /reflux add StuffingDB ...StuffingDB Added to emulation list. /reflux save ...Saving StuffingDB ...Saving RecountDB /reload now i got to an other char and tipe /reflux switch "myuiname" ....everything...
File: BagSync09-05-10
Re: Re: Thanks !
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi Xruptor, is it possible to make a bgs minimap icon? I don't allways want to type /bgs + item name or use a Keybinding... I Want to use it with the Minimap Button Bag :S
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)08-14-10
Thank you! It should work now.. but...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Thank you! It should work now.. but screen is out date now because i integrated all my DK cooldowns into the buff frames today :)
File: Chinchilla Minimap07-30-10
hiding buttons
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi! I love yor Addon still best minimap addon with mutch more options than other! > sry for my bad english i'm from germany :D What i miss in the addon /can't find: 1. Options for the Clock... i need a transperent clock with white font and Black Border :( not possible? 2. Calender opens with right clicking on the minimap!...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames05-17-10
Hi Shadowed since some weekys i hav...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Hi Shadowed since some weekys i have got the problem that always the internet conection is lost (i get a disconnect every 12 hours) all my Shadowed Unit Frames settings resett... i always have to make a save auf the lua file an put in into the folder again after this .... very annoying :( I use the latest version and windows 7...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 304-23-10
Are there any known bugs with showi...
Posted By: Tonyleila
Are there any known bugs with showing the stacks of "Eye of the Broodmother" since 3.3.3? it won't show me all 5 stacks when i cast any spells after some time it staks up frome one too 4 or 5 Originally posted by cagebg hi i have strange problem, i see only 20 buffs on my interface on raid .Tell me how to fix this problem p.s...