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File: Ara Broker Money12-01-11
It seems the author has quit playin...
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It seems the author has quit playing wow, so there is no further development i think.
File: AzCastBar Plugins07-01-11
Are you working on a 4.2 update at...
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Are you working on a 4.2 update at the moment? Will it contain secure frames for buff/debuff?
File: AzCastBar Plugins01-23-11
Originally posted by Koreos Reque...
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Originally posted by Koreos Request: Option for the loot roll frames to stick around until everyone has rolled/passed for them. With a counter or something that depicts if you're winning the roll (or not) and how many rolls are missing. Take a look for Broker_Group. It can be used for that, nice config options and counter stuff ;)