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File: Glaceon UI06-05-11
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not even a WTF folder was wanting to try it but dont wanna spend all day figuring out how to set it up
File: Reflux09-24-10
Re: Re: saving current profiles
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Originally posted by Kagaro /reflux snapshot ty will try it out
File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank09-24-10
very nice UI
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my only concern is what is the in-game MiB? with all the addons on :banana::banana::banana:
File: Reflux09-14-10
saving current profiles
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Ok first off i'm prolly misreading or something but here goes ...i really like reflux my current UI has multiple profiles to get it the look it has... Is there a way to install reflux and have it save the current profiles i have for a single line command?
File: Lea's Ui09-09-10
Re: Re: the bag
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ty so much here's 1 for you tho... i havent been able to figure this out either not sure if it can be done ....is there a way to separate soulbound items like have your armor set in 1 section and then another for sb junk items even armor you pick up from quests
File: Lea's Ui09-06-10
the bag
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ok so i have your dxe/arkinventory file... how do i get ark inventory to show everything you have hidden? :) like junk ammo ect ect...