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File: MikScrollingBattleText09-17-10
when i DL this now im only getting...
Posted By: kysneed
when i DL this now im only getting 3 sound files, cooldown, low HP, and low mana. i used to have about 10 more or so, and i used "short circuit" for MWx5...but now they are missing. was it this add-on that supplied more sound files or was it a differnt add-on addig more sound files to certain add-ons?
File: Skada Damage Meter09-15-10
meters not matching
Posted By: kysneed
so something is messed up with skada. just did saurfang, guild said i did 16k dps, they had recount, 3rd in guild, but skada said i did 13.5k, 10th in guild. skada also didnt have anybody over 16k for me, yet my 16k was 3rd on recount i know its skada, because half the time ill see magam totem, or fire ele on the meters, which it...
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-30-10
dissapearing combat text
Posted By: kysneed
all the time when i arena combat text goes away...nothing is displayed, no dmg out, no dmg in, nothing. is there keybinds to disable this that im hitting on accident? seems to only happen in BGs/arenas, it never happens when i raid. maybe i push butons harder and faster when im pvp'n and hit something to turn it off. only way to fix...