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File: Icicle09-17-13
Would love if someone updated this...
Posted By: Ifan
Would love if someone updated this for 5.4!
File: Icicle10-20-12
Lua error :(
Posted By: Ifan
Getting the following error randomly in world pvp. Message: Interface\AddOns\Icicle\IcicleCore.lua:297: bad argument #1 to 'tinsert' (table expected, got nil) Time: 10/20/12 19:24:16 Count: 1 Stack: : in function `tinsert' Interface\AddOns\Icicle\IcicleCore.lua:297: in function Int...
File: Ion Action Bars03-31-10
Posted By: Ifan
Just asking in case anybody knows anything, may have been asked before. Any way to speed up the stealth bar? That is, the time it takes to "switch" to it and actually focus it when you hit stealth. If you for example, vanish and hammer "1" you'll end up doing what the 1 button was binded on the normal bar instead of inside...