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File: SunUI05-02-12
Posted By: Opthimus
Awesome interface. I get this error when using with OmniCC *** Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\timer.lua:35: attempt to index local 'OmniCC' (a boolean value) Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\OmniCC\timer.lua:35: in main chunk *** I know that it has nothing to do with your interface, but i thought you might want to...
File: SanUI10-15-11
Originally posted by Pyrates Grea...
Posted By: Opthimus
Originally posted by Pyrates Great you still like it, opthimus :) Are you sure you could move the buffs/debuffs via /moveui? I'd be surprised, since I wrote the buff/debuff code myself basically, and I did not include that functionality. You DO talk about the frames in the upper right, right? I could tell you what to edit to mov...
File: SanUI10-14-11
Posted By: Opthimus
Thanks allot for the latest update. Still using this Ui and still love it. Only proper druid UI as far as i know. Edit: Just a question, i cant move the buff/debuff bar with the command /moveui. i could do that before the update.
File: SanUI07-22-11
New video.
Posted By: Opthimus
I'm posting a video of this UI If any of you would like to see this awesome UI live. Just remember that i have modified it a bit and i use some addons thats not included in SunUI. So dont go bother Pyrates about my UI ;) Any way here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crHAVmhVibA
File: SanUI04-01-11
Love your UI
Posted By: Opthimus
Hi Pyrates! I just want to say that i really love your UI. I could use some more buttons to click as well, but nwm.. this way i learn to not have all my abilities up and start use more macros ;) Btw, i have recorded a boss kill with my guild. (we are not great) I link it here, just so ppl can see how it look when SanUI i...
File: oUI (Widescreen)03-31-10
I love your UI
Posted By: Opthimus
Hi i must say that i love your UI. I use it a bit modified. If you want to see it here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I20jVQjyac I just want to move the DBM bars that aper in the middle of the screen. Wouldn't be a problem to figure out how. Thx for the awesome job.