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File: miniHUD07-04-15
change bar texture
Posted By: ironmoney
how do i go about changing the bar texture? i see line 13 in the lua. but clueless on where to point it. for example, i want to use the "minimalist" texture, commonly found in Skada and Bigwigs thanks for your addon btw!
File: rFilter10-11-13
i have no idea how to get this to w...
Posted By: ironmoney
i have no idea how to get this to work :( /unlock does not reveal draggable frames. how do i get this up and running? EDIT: nvm i renamed "zork" warrior presets in the charspecific.lua to get me started :D
File: NugRunning08-24-13
is there a way to reset it back to...
Posted By: ironmoney
is there a way to reset it back to default settings (original installation)? like features back to original (nameplates on/off, dotpower on/off, etc), set width/height back to original. /nrun reset seems to only restore postion. not features or dimensions. deleting files in saved variables don't work either
File: Santa UI01-10-11
question about action bar config
Posted By: ironmoney
first off...love your ui and texture pack, just what i was looking for! :banana: now i have a question about the action bars. is there a way to stack the rows on each other, like how tidy bar, nmainbar, or simplebar are stacked? currently it is left and right bars on one row. i was trying to figure a way if its possible to s...
File: Tidy Bar10-21-10
really...thank you for updating! wi...
Posted By: ironmoney
really...thank you for updating! will test...:banana: