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File: Dukse UI - 1650x108010-14-11
Posted By: pesko
Dear Users of Dukse UI. At this current stage of the UI, it contains DBM & Satrina, working on replacing both of them with BigWigs or DXE, not sure yet which one will do best in a stressed tank enviroment. SBF with Raven. Also, I sometimes can't open LFG interface, that is something I will work on aswell.
File: oUF_Karma03-11-11
Posted By: pesko
It has prolly been said before somewhere in the post but.. Where in the LUA files do i move the party and raid frames ?
File: Reflux04-08-10
Redid it all over again. though, go...
Posted By: pesko
Redid it all over again. though, got some trouble with bartender and SBF :/ They won't look right when i change on my brothers account. This is how it Should looks like, after it type /reflux save: http://img402.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot040810232744.jpg/ This is how it looks like on a dudu after /reflux switch peskoui: ht...
File: Reflux04-04-10
Is it possible to save a addon pack...
Posted By: pesko
Is it possible to save a addon package with redoing it all?