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File: Details! Damage Meter (Legion Beta)06-30-16
neck enchants
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Hey. Any plans to include nech enchants? taken from combat log: Mark of the Hidden Satyr enchant: Mark of the Hidden Satyr hit Raider's Training Dummy 93688 Fire. Im unsure of how Mark of the Distant Army works though, as the damage isn't showing in the combatlog, may just be a bug though, but would imagine its like Hidden Saty...
File: Dukse UI - 1650x108010-14-11
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Dear Users of Dukse UI. At this current stage of the UI, it contains DBM & Satrina, working on replacing both of them with BigWigs or DXE, not sure yet which one will do best in a stressed tank enviroment. SBF with Raven. Also, I sometimes can't open LFG interface, that is something I will work on aswell.
File: oUF_Karma03-11-11
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It has prolly been said before somewhere in the post but.. Where in the LUA files do i move the party and raid frames ?
File: Reflux04-08-10
Redid it all over again. though, go...
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Redid it all over again. though, got some trouble with bartender and SBF :/ They won't look right when i change on my brothers account. This is how it Should looks like, after it type /reflux save: http://img402.imageshack.us/i/wowscrnshot040810232744.jpg/ This is how it looks like on a dudu after /reflux switch peskoui: ht...
File: Reflux04-04-10
Is it possible to save a addon pack...
Posted By: pesko
Is it possible to save a addon package with redoing it all?