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File: oUF Phanx05-20-18
Posted By: Achloryn
Hey, I installed this addon today, and i've loaded it up for every class just fine... except for the shaman. When I log into my shaman, I get no unit frames at all, and this error comes up" Message: Interface\AddOns\oUF_Phanx\Frames.lua:304: attempt to call method 'SetStatusBarColor' (a nil value) Time: 05/20/18 10:59:01 Count:...
File: Shining UI03-10-14
Language for non-German speakers
Posted By: Achloryn
I just installed ShiningUI, and it auto-defaulted my game to German for the language settings. It wasn't a big deal to get it back to enEU, but I know there is an option somewhere for enUS as well, that I couldn't exactly find. Just thought I would let you know.
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-20-12
error text...
Posted By: Achloryn
Hey Zork, I love this UI, seriously, one of my favorites ever. Question though, is there anyway I can get rid of the error text (Not enough rage, not enough energy, etc) from popping up on my screen? As a blood DK with Blood Tap macroed to everything, I tend to have them all over the place. I downloaded an addon that removes them...