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Hi Desmo, yes, you have to inst...
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Hi Desmo, yes, you have to install DBM separately. It isn't included in the compilation. But it integrates very well from the look into the caelui. To my vehiclebar problem: Reinstalled now the whole client and redone my interface from scratch. Will try later if i still have the same problem. Kind regards ei8ht
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Re: Re: Warlock - no pet action bar?
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Eidt 03.01.2012: Problem also occurs while not shapeshifted i cant confirm the Issue with the vehicalbar, it works for me. Ok, maybe it's a problem when i'm in a shapeshifted form (Druid ftw :D). Will give it a try when i'm not shapeshifted and report again :) Regards ei8ht
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Vehicle Buttons?
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Hi all, i have a problem when i'm entering a vehicle. My normal Castbar (Actionbar) will disappear, but i can't see any Buttons for the Vehicle. But when i use the the corresponding Number on my Keyboard, the action still works (example: Pushing numer 1 still pulls out hte Weed on Yoons farm). Has anybody else this problem?...
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Hi @all, well, I'm playing a Bo...
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Hi @all, well, I'm playing a Boomkin/Tree of Life and atm, im adjusting the recTimers for all the Moonkin stuff. I wanna get rid of SquakAndAwe. Maybe i'll add the Tree of Life timers later for the Focustarget (aka Maintank) Actually, I just have one problem because i'm not a good coder: is there a way to show the internal coo...
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hi Cryoblayde, thanks for your...
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hi Cryoblayde, thanks for your reply =) Originally posted by Cryoblayde @ ei8ht - 1) the file CvarData.lua in caelCore/modules controls the configuration and video settings. It dynamically adjusts certain options based on locale for best performance on even lower end machines. You will need to edit this file to allow you...
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Some Feedbacks
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hi Caellian and all others, 1st, thanks a lot for your great work. i've tested your UI now for several days. Mostly im very, very happy with it =) 2nd, I realized some strange behavior with the video options. I can't set the "Ultra" settings at all. I don't know if this was planned to do so or if it is a bug. When it was plan...