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File: Threat Plates05-28-10
Re: Re: Re: Add options to scale special Nameplates larger
Posted By: kharmabzh
i'm using french localization . Strength of Earth Totem ("Totem de force de la terre" for me) does not hide when unchecking it. The others seems to hide correctly while unckecking them. same for the hunter snake trap. (can't find how to hide critters :( )
File: Threat Plates05-25-10
Originally posted by Serenitysniper...
Posted By: kharmabzh
Originally posted by Serenitysniper wtb hiding the snakes in the first room of gundrak rapes the living hell out of my fps with all those nameplates :( btw having plates for totems in pvp is not really good especialy in wintergrasp. I have understood that i had to disable each totem one by one. Is there an option to disable...
File: Threat Plates04-04-10
threat plate makes my fps drops a l...
Posted By: kharmabzh
threat plate makes my fps drops a lot (from 60 fps constant to 2-10fps). Clean plates doesn't. Is this normal ?