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File: InFlight12-05-10
Special flights
Posted By: htrhrsthj
Hi, here are some special flights (using the german client): NPC: "Irela Mondfeder" (=Irela Moonfeather) Location: "Mondfederfeste" (=Feathermoon Stronghold) Gossip text: "Bringt mich zur Schlacht bei den Ruinen der Mondfederfeste." (=?) NPC: "Tambre" (=Tambre) Location: "Ruinen der Mondfederfeste" (=Ruins of Feathermoon)...
File: InFlight12-02-10
Feature request
Posted By: htrhrsthj
Hi, first of all: thank you very much for this addon! Secondly: Might it be possible to make InFlight count down instead of showing "x:xx / x:xx" ? I'd love that (since I use the compact mode, and this would allow more space for the name of the destination). :)