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File: ncBags10-24-10
I want to use this add on. I need a...
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I want to use this add on. I need a very light weight bag add on that just puts all my bags into one big bag and lets me rearrange my items however I want. I don't need a search, sort, or auto sell/repair feature, so this add on looks perfect. Is it so buggy that it is unusable? I'm putting together a UI suite and I want to use th...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-16-10
Re: error Spells/buffs selection
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Originally posted by LonghornsER Hello Satrina, As i said the addon works fine sofare, i have discoverd a buggy: http://s4.postimage.org/yR6RA-46596d99.jpg` Same for the Filters tab Regards I'm having the exact same problem. =[