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File: Combuctor05-20-10
Tooltip toggle?
Posted By: Taronish
Hi, Combuctor is great. I've tried a ton of other bag mods, and there's always something... they were either performance hogs or did too much or too little. This one is just right. :) One thing... is there a quick/easy way to turn off the item counts in the tooltip? Altoholic is already telling me all that, and it has totals,...
File: n2s05-01-10
Bug in Announce before Flight option
Posted By: Taronish
Hi, I like this addon, first off. :) I was getting a lua error when the "Announce before Flight" option was checked. I think it was simply missing quotes around "Player" in line 23 of n2s.lua. This function here: function n2s:PLAYER_CONTROL_LOST() --they could be on a bird, check UnitIsTaxi? if(UnitOnTaxi(Player)) then...