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File: Kripp UI Mop Beta05-16-11
Well, it worked fine for me with th...
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Well, it worked fine for me with the command /reflux switch krippui No probs at all, ty Net :D
File: Kripp UI Mop Beta05-08-11
Originally posted by Xenlol Horri...
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Originally posted by Xenlol Horrible.... Sorry, but the profiles are entirely fucked up on your Reflux save, everything reverts to default installation. This is bad. If your going to make an earlier update launch do it properly. If your that bothered do an update yourself. This guy has taken time out to do the update, an...
File: Kripp UI - 1920 x 108009-13-10
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Awesome UI, been wanting this ui for ages, wanted a hunter specific ui since i started to play seriously. Only had a 22" 1680x1050 monitor, but i bought a 24" 1920x1080 just so i could have this bad boy ui. So happy with it, no problems installing it, replaced DXE with DBM, im so used to DBM it would be stupid to change now....
File: DevlinUI07-05-10
Great UI
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I was using LUI but i saw this little beauty and changed soon after 3.3.5 went live. Set up is quick n easy and it looks cool. Never been a fan of skada so went for recount instead and sorted the colours for it to match in,overall it gets 10/10 from me, love it.