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File: CLC DK09-01-10
Re: Re: Suggesntions: DW F Rotation and a
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Originally posted by Nu7a I am currently overhauling everything, including actual options, CDs, button facade, and allot of smaller things. I'm not sure if I will release it before cata though sense it is really late in the expansion. I may update the frost rotation and button facade before then, we'll see. Wow. Talk about you...
File: CLC DK08-29-10
Suggesntions: DW F Rotation and a
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First of all, thank you for this great little mod. It's really well done, and I particularly like the fact that it detects your build and choses the proper rotation for you. I have been playing around with Frost DW, and according to the latest discussions in the EJ thread and the simulations on the MrRobot site http://www.askmrro...
File: RealUI05-17-10
Great interface
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Easy to set up and aesthetically the best I've seen so far. Huge huge kudos to you and your talents. Some suggestions: 1) For me personally, in the heat of battle I want a visual instead of text... I don't like to read when time is of the essence. I miss having health bars that have color and height. Would love to have that...
File: Faceroller: Combat Rogue04-08-10
The priority cycle is as follows:...
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The priority cycle is as follows: 5 combo points Slice and Dice 5 combo points Rupture refresh Slice and Dice at under 10 secs Eviscerate on 5 points if Rupture and Slice and Dice are up According to elitistjerks.com this isn't the optimum combat rogue cycle. According to Addriana's spreadsheet there are 3 types of comb...