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File: caelNameplates05-06-10
Are you planning on implementing an...
Posted By: barrierlol
Are you planning on implementing an alpha check? I'd like to be able to modify alpha values for the nameplates. Thanks.
File: pMinimap04-14-10
Any chance of you adding an OUTLINE...
Posted By: barrierlol
Any chance of you adding an OUTLINEMONOCHROME flag to the font options? Also maybe an option to hide the tracking icon when nothing is being tracked? (Or permission for me to do this myself works!)
File: Skada Damage Meter04-09-10
Posted By: barrierlol
Anyone know how I can modify the code to outline the font? I'd much appreciate the help! (Spent 30 minutes looking through the comments but couldn't find where anyone had already answered it) Edit: Nevermind, found it on the forums.
File: caelNameplates04-09-10
Posted By: barrierlol
Hi, I've been playing with the LUA with virtually 0 experience and was wondering if anyone could help me. I'm trying to get a 1px border around the bars instead of the shadowy looking default one. I changed the texture to a flat one and set the edgesize to 1. I tried modifying the "insets" but it doesnt appear to have an effect. Here...