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File: Wackie's PvP UI 1920x108003-03-14
great ui
Posted By: Forerunner87
man great ui i just updated all addons and it works great. the only problem i am having is that i cant see the BG resources or time left stuff. Any advice how to get this back? NVM i found it
File: Finalflo UI04-25-10
Re: Re: Random Exp Bar
Posted By: Forerunner87
QUOTE]Originally posted by Finalflo Could U show me a screenshot I don't understand you're probleme http://img541.imageshack.us/img541/2936/wowscrnshot042510202527.jpg this is the bar that i speak of, the one that is in my button area. I can't get rid of it when in party.
File: Finalflo UI04-09-10
Random Exp Bar
Posted By: Forerunner87
Everytime I join a party and get into an instance this "Xp Bar" shows up on the bottom of my screen blocking the first two buttons of the 2nd row. I have been unable to find any config for this bar, also I can't click and drag it or anything. Any help would be appreciated.