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File: ArkInventory04-20-10
??? on bag
Posted By: frojak
so i've been using this bag mod for quite awhile, close to a year i think, yesterday i was in icc and i needed to use a flask. i opened my bags and could not find them anywhere, i typed flask in the search box.......nothing. I knew i had a whole stack, then i noticed that my "backpack"(the stupid 16 slot bag that you cant upgrade) ha...
File: Bagnon04-20-10
Posted By: frojak
Can anyone tell me how i can get this mod to sort the contents of my bags/bank? I really like the look and feel of bagnon or combuctor but still use ArkInventory because it has easily configurable options to sort my items. Any help would be much appreciated. If bagnon isnt capable of doing this does anyone know another addon(besides...