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File: DecUI11-25-14 Help me...
Posted By: KStK Help me pls^^ double grp/raid window :/
File: DecUI10-16-14
Problem > Transmog guy or the Tra...
Posted By: KStK
Problem > Transmog guy or the Transmog Storage Gear guy dont know the correct name^^ if i click on him always get an ERROR Sound and Black Screen WOW. pls fix it
File: DecUI10-15-14
Re: Re: Issues
Posted By: KStK
Found it thx ;D Hello, I have never use and addon compilation before so I appreciate the patience in advance. I downloaded this only because I liked the look of the UI in the screenshot. However, once I loaded everything and logged in, it looked nothing like it. I only have some feature, but no way to change actionbars...
File: DecUI10-15-14
DEC UI Core is offline pls alternat...
Posted By: KStK
DEC UI Core is offline pls alternate Link or RAR ? NEEED ;D
File: Eqizia ui07-17-11
Good Interface ;DD respect. N1.....
Posted By: KStK
Good Interface ;DD respect. N1.. Thx...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)07-17-11
Message: ...Ons\AuraFrames\Modules\...
Posted By: KStK
Message: ...Ons\AuraFrames\Modules\ButtonContainer\Prototype.lua:324: bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got nil) Time: 07/17/11 12:58:10 Count: 3 Stack: : ? ...Ons\AuraFrames\Modules\ButtonContainer\Prototype.lua:324: in function `UpdateButtonDisplay' ...Ons\AuraFrames\Modules\ButtonContainer\Prototype.lua:576: in fun...
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)07-16-11
Need fix ;(( TIC TAC >>> Error an...
Posted By: KStK
Need fix ;(( TIC TAC >>> Error and >>> TidyPlate.... ERROR.. and SLDT >> Fix pls Thanks..
File: Ahrok's (Tuk)UI - MoP Edition06-29-11
Hab das selbe problem bekomm einfac...
Posted By: KStK
Hab das selbe problem bekomm einfach die Hauptleiste nicht hin ;( hat jemand ne IDEE .. Danke
File: Ahrok's (Tuk)UI - MoP Edition06-24-11
Möchtest du mir vl den WTF Ordner s...
Posted By: KStK
Möchtest du mir vl den WTF Ordner schicken mit der Config, den bekomm es nicht richtig hin mit 1680x1050 (windowed mode) oder Höher ^^ zudem spinnt auch die Seelenanzeige ;D Aber ansonsten geiles UI gg:cool: Mfg
File: Bati's UI11-05-10
More Resolution
Posted By: KStK
Need Setup for High resolution pls :eek: 1920 x 1080 (Widescreen) *g* :banana: THx