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Originally posted by Iceyshadows...
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Originally posted by Iceyshadows No. This addon only works in cataclysm dungeons and raids. (only exception is the Lich King fight) Weird I saw it work sorta in WC once but never again, would be cool to see it beyond Cata stuff
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Does this not work in Classic dunge...
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Does this not work in Classic dungeons? Ive seen it work but like never in Classic dungeons
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I figured out how to move the 3d mo...
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I figured out how to move the 3d models, is there any way to resize the box? The size of the main portrait prevents it from going where it needs to. also for the life of me I cannot figure out out to move the buttons (including my pet bar) other than that i like the interface Edit: Moved all bars cept pet bar, not sure how i ca...