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thank you for the detailed answer!...
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thank you for the detailed answer! For my own usage, it was really to have the same look and features for my own character then all others. You mentionned it wouldn't have to move but I was more thinking about something that follows the "Character name" above his head if you enable it. That means it would be moving depending on...
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Self nameplate
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It might have been asked before, if so I'm sorry. I know the purpose of aloft is not to add nameplates but to modify what Blizzard provides. Do you guy know a way to have aloft nameplate for your own character. Showing your own name will not do it so I was wondering if there was a way to do it, or a plan to add this
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Is there a plan to bring back Banzai I find this addin VERY useful for arenas and aoe tanking/healing otherwise, is there another option I can use?