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File: Nice Damage (font)03-19-09
Originally posted by MMOGames Wou...
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Originally posted by MMOGames Would be nice to have it updated and some configuration UI to change betwen fonts. Physically impossible.
File: NumPadBar03-21-07
First Bug, and it's a good one...
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Somehow you're auto-hooking all the numberpad buttons by default... Including Enter and the arrow keys. The problem is, WoW doesn't differentiate between NP-Enter and the normal Enter key; they're considered to be the same for purposes of keybinding. So, by hooking into this button you completely disable access to chat! Similarly,...
File: NumPadBar03-21-07
What a great idea!
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I've hardly used keybinds on my numberpad mostly because I'm sure I'd always forget what spells I've put on there... Well now I can just use them like other hotbars! Brilliant idea, long overdue. Looking forward to EU maintenance finishing so I can try this out live.
File: Drathal's HUD02-06-07
Re: Aw man.
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Originally posted by ambush_first_talk_later is there an option that let's me keep the HUD on even when out of combat? Change the OOC Alpha to a non-zero amount. This mod isn't being discontinued, that's the statement of the former author being quoted.
File: Bongos212-20-06
Originally posted by Miel Very go...
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Originally posted by Miel Very good action bar replacement. I'm waiting blizzard fix to allow macro like /cast Amplify Magic;Dampen Magic Not sure what you mean... This is already possible in some ways, or are you trying to use one macro on more than one button?
File: SimpleDruidBar12-07-06
4.0 doesn't work on Live servers, t...
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4.0 doesn't work on Live servers, the manaregen hook it employs hasn't ben implimented yet. 3.1.1 doesn't work on Live servers, it's flagged as Incompatible and won't load no matter what. Any chance of a version that works on Live servers?
File: GoGoMount12-07-06
Not sure if it's meant to or not, b...
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Not sure if it's meant to or not, but this mod doesn't work on druid aquatic form. Other than that, it's quite nice :)
File: Bagnon12-07-06
Re: Re: Changed?
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Originally posted by vexis58 I found it helpful to make a category including "All". If you delete all other categories, the bag window looks just like it used to. I keep a few categories around for the highlighting effects, and generally use categories to keep my special ammo/profession bags separate from my regular bags. QFT Pl...
File: Trinket Menu12-06-06
Re: copy-paste from curse-gaming post...
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Originally posted by H0PE Bug with same-name trinkets I have a long over due post here about the same name trinkets. Please make it useable! Issue 1: If I got two trinkets that identical in name but different "lvl" trinkets for instance Rune of Duty from WSG rewards then the addon have trouble swapping them in automatically. T...
File: Bagnon02-04-06
Small niggle
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I have but one complaint with this addon: the trigger area for clicking the character's name (to generate the menus) is too big, it overlaps the top row of boxes meaning I've almost destroyed stuff I've been moving between slots...