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File: QuestRouterLite05-10-10
QRL + TomTom Question
Posted By: mageice3
TomTom uses the lightheaded addon to supply info as far as I know so in order to use QRL do I need to have lightheaded? I'm trying to find a questing addon that doesn't need alot of memory to run and still helps me out... anyways if you don't need lightheaded to run QRL and have the arrow of tomtom point the way that would be awsome....
File: GatherSage205-06-10
Error Code
Posted By: mageice3
Got this error when mousing over cobalt ore with my jewelcrafter: (note I cannot prospect it.) Date: 2010-05-06 09:16:58 ID: -2 Error occured in: Global Count: 57 Message: ..\AddOns\GatherSage2\Init.lua line 12: bad argument #5 to '_format' (number expected, got string) Debug: : ? : ? GatherSage2\Init.lua:12:...