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File: Altoholic05-11-10
On my error
Posted By: desolation0
Seems to have been an error in the saved information for one of my toons corrupting the file for the rest, or something to that extent. Got off my lazy butt and went through all my toons to let the info for skills re-scan and everything seems to be working all hunky dory in Altoholics Anonymous again. Thanks for being an enabler f...
File: Altoholic05-06-10
Error on the Skills tab
Posted By: desolation0
K, have an error on the Skills tab, it's showing correctly for one toon, but only one other shows up and the information for that character is incomplete, and that other character is showing up as having no skills. Able to reproduce it consistently, even with Altaholic and Datastore as the only addons up. Date: 2010-05-06 21:06...