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File: Combuctor05-11-10
Finally my search is over
Posted By: Meeshii
OH - my - GOODNESS! I have been SO frustrated with the whole inventory management problem and have tried this or that recommended bag mod, but have hated something about every one of them. Finally today I said screw it and went through just about every single bag mod on this site... Installed - logged in - checked out mode - lo...
File: Yellow-Crap-Be-Gone05-11-10
I completely agree
Posted By: Meeshii
I totally don't get why you would want to remove the visual clue as to what is a quest item. It makes sorting your bags, and selling items far faster because you don't even have to look at those yellowish items. You know immediately that you don't want to sell them. I might could understand if it was some sort of eye-boggling ne...