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File: Altz UI for Legion02-08-13
@Serwolv I'll add it to oUF_Mlig...
Posted By: Serwolv
@Serwolv I'll add it to oUF_Mlight and update soon. @Coote You're welcome to use the UI, just give me a credit on the UI description page. I made them for the public and am happy when players enjoy and share them. Thx a lot ! And thx again for your great work.
File: Altz UI for Legion02-07-13
Battlegroung flag bearers
Posted By: Serwolv
I discovered your interface today and I love it. But is itpossible to change the portraits of the flag bearers in BG ? Because they always have the appearance of the Blizzard interface. Thank you in advance. here's a screenshot : http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/8131/wowscrnshot020713152740.jpg