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File: SpartanUI04-28-11
Re: Re: Character window names
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Originally posted by mythbinder @ systmcrash I recently switched from chatter to Basic Chat Mod, Chatter has started showing its age w/o any updates since b4 Cata. Chatter was recently updated. You can find it on Curse.com or Wowace.com.
File: Simple Buff Bars10-14-10
So, delete all this....... --...
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So, delete all this....... -- Update the players current tracked thing function SimpleBB:UpdateTracking() if( not self.db.profile.showTrack ) then return end -- This prevents us from needing to search for our table every single time TRACKING_INDEX = TRACKING_INDEX or self:FindAvailableIndex("b...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-28-09
Great UI!
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Too bad you can't display the micro menu bar and bag bar. Otherwise a great UI!