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File: PatUI02-22-13
this is awesome my friend, love thi...
Posted By: Pixelzombie
this is awesome my friend, love this tukui edit, mint work! just one problem lol, for the love of god pleaseee tell me how to move or disable the red threat bar in the center top of screen, any help would be great thanks as getting a little frustrated looking through the config with no luck.. keep up the good work, :)
File: ShestakUI_OzEdit11-23-12
Wow man i love this edit!, thanks f...
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Wow man i love this edit!, thanks for all your hard work! :) only one gripe.. lol , the top panel is in a bit of dodgy place by my preference so i moved it! but this is a personel preference and not in any way a problem. keep up the good work mate!
File: AuctionNinja07-30-10
Hey mate, woohoo update cant wait!!...
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Hey mate, woohoo update cant wait!! :) 1 problem , you still have reference to core.lua , and you changed it to AuctionNinja.lua :)))) thanx for update btw !!! keep up the good work :)
File: AuctionNinja07-29-10
Hi! , Great addon mate! after more...
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Hi! , Great addon mate! after more testing over the last week ive compiled a little list of maybe some additions to this addon.... I understand the "error while buying" is that the auction has already been aquired and you were too slow on the keys/mouse... My additions i'd like to see in this are.... 1) Maybe a little lua co...
File: AuctionNinja07-24-10
Hi! , had a little play with this a...
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Hi! , had a little play with this addon and seems to do as said perfectly, although you run the risk off seriously p*ssing ppl off by buying there cheap auctions lol. On the two auctions i did acquire with this addon, 1 stack of frost lotus and 1 cardinal ruby, i was called a low life hakkar and a bottom feeder haha which i can li...
File: dNamePlates06-14-10
re : dNamePlates
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Hey! been trying your latest version of dNamePlates tonight, have to say there absolutely great! look beautiful and the newiconskins are awesome! Great Work! and Thank you.. :)
File: dNamePlates06-05-10
Looks really nice addon, but i have...
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Looks really nice addon, but i have to concur with other users, endless Lua errors until option to dissable addons, if you sort this minor prob out i'll be using this addon :) Thanks... For a bit more info for example when i approach a mob and it is in range and the nameplate changes from the basic text to your nameplates thats...
File: ChronoBars05-20-10
re : weapon buffs.
Posted By: Pixelzombie
Hi!, Great work on this addon, im loving it so far, well done and keep up the good work :) My question is this... Ive been trying to make an active bar to track my spellstone, as im a warlock, and i think this is like the poisons that rogues use and usually is a purple coloured buff on the original blizzard weapon buffs, this may...