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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)06-01-14
Hi there, So glad this is back!...
Posted By: mmitch
Hi there, So glad this is back! I loaded it up on my warrior and notice 2 things. Perhaps I missed something but there is no way to move the action bars? The stance bar is underneath my bar 2 and no way to move it. Cooldowns aren't being tracked although I have it enabled is there somewhere I have to config this? Thanks!
File: Altz UI for Legion02-16-14
Auto invite accepting when unchecked
Posted By: mmitch
Hi I have accept invites unticked but I still auto accept all invites how do I disable this?
File: Altz UI for Legion10-05-13
Minimap in bottom right corner
Posted By: mmitch
Silly question but how do I get the minimap into the bottom right corner, mine is in the top left and I can't see anyway to move it? The screenshots on here show it in the bottom right so I assume its possible to have it there. Thanks
File: BetterExtraActionButton01-24-12
Its a mystery then - if I disable i...
Posted By: mmitch
Its a mystery then - if I disable it all the skins come back :S Macaroon uses masque skinning as well.
File: BetterExtraActionButton01-20-12
After I uploaded this all the butto...
Posted By: mmitch
After I uploaded this all the button facade skins on just one toon vanished - they are still there for other toons and the main difference on that one toon is that I use Macaroon (I use Bartender on all the others). Has anyone else come across similar issues?
File: DerpyUI (alpha)01-17-12
To get access to Outside cast bars...
Posted By: mmitch
To get access to Outside cast bars type in game (INGAME CONFIG NOT READY YET): For player: /run DerpyUF.player.castpos = "OUTSIDE" For target: /run DerpyUF.target.castpos = "OUTSIDE" For focus: /run DerpyUF.focus.castpos = "OUTSIDE" Then ReloadUI, use /py -> UnitFrames to config castbar size, fontsize and iconpos an...
File: DerpyUI (alpha)01-03-12
side pannels
Posted By: mmitch
Hi, I have probably missed something obvious but how do we enable the extra panels next to the chat frame (the ones that are outlined in green when you are in the chat setup)? Thanks! Nevermind I found it!
File: DerpyUI (alpha)12-13-11
This doesn't seem to work for me -...
Posted By: mmitch
This doesn't seem to work for me - I have added Needtoknow as a replacement for sfilger but every time I resize my window things jump all over the place :( and when I log on to toons that don't use this ui I have to relock the UI scale and reload my UI. Check this too http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7347170/WoWScbhot_121011_201259.jpg m...
File: DerpyUI (alpha)12-12-11
Scale UI LOCKED ? =\ /run _G.Derpy...
Posted By: mmitch
Scale UI LOCKED ? =\ /run _G.DerpyMediaVars.scale_lock = nil; ReloadUI(); Да он блокируется по умолчанию, и подбираеm...
File: DerpyUI (alpha)12-11-11
Re: Help!
Posted By: mmitch
Hello, i think this UI is awesome! But the party frame wont work? raid frame works, but not party? is this an know issue? what can i do? please help. [email protected] I also don't see party frames just blizzard default party frames - any idea how to fix this?
File: DerpyUI (alpha)12-03-11
Just a few queries on the new UI -...
Posted By: mmitch
Just a few queries on the new UI - what happened to the miscellaneous options I could turn on and off the lock UI scale here before - now I can't do that it interferes with the set ups on all my other toons... (ignore this I see you answered below sorry!) Also I can't see how to get the extra chat pannels Final thing - is ther...
File: oUF_Proto12-01-11
Not sure if anyone else has this is...
Posted By: mmitch
Not sure if anyone else has this issue but since the patch my health and power bar do not update and display 100% all the time even if I have no mana etc. Hope that makes sense!
File: HL2WoW (1920x1080)09-06-11
Looks great, just wondering are wha...
Posted By: mmitch
Looks great, just wondering are what look like your other UI's available anywhere (the compact and Elegant ones on www.10ub.com)? Thanks :D
File: DerpyUI (alpha)08-03-11
I am constantly impressed with the...
Posted By: mmitch
I am constantly impressed with the amount of work you put into this UI, I don't know if you take suggestions but I was wondering if you had considered including something like a minimap button drop down option in your top panel. I currently use minimap button bag to group them all up so they are spread out all over your beautiful...
File: oUF_Proto07-14-11
main tank option
Posted By: mmitch
Hi again, I managed to sort the debuffs by using Raven to move them over my portrait, anyway I now seem to have an issue with interfering with the raid browser options (This is the only add on I have added recently). I have disabled the main tank bars by setting them to false in the config along with the raid frames since I use Vu...
File: Raven07-08-11
Text missing?
Posted By: mmitch
Ok probably something I have managed to screw up somewhere but I cannot make Raven display the time left on a buff in text - I have tried changing the font, size, position, display text format etc etc is there a simple on off switch that I am missing somewhere? The only text that shows on the icon is for number of stacks I can't seem...
File: oUF_Proto07-05-11
player debuffs
Posted By: mmitch
Hi, Is there a way to display the player debuffs over the player frame like you see on the target? Thanks
File: DerpyUI (alpha)06-27-11
I was trying to play about with the...
Posted By: mmitch
I was trying to play about with the new font size changes to get larger font in the chat and when I changed the size nothing seemed to happen so I changed the height and width of the chat box too to see if it helped - I don't know how I managed it but it seemed to shift my player unit frame up so it covers half the debuff icons - I r...
File: sFilger06-09-11
DOT ticks
Posted By: mmitch
Is there any way to get the bars to show DOT ticks or a way of adding them in? Thanks
File: Infinity Plates05-27-11
Is your complete UI available somew...
Posted By: mmitch
Is your complete UI available somewhere screenshot 3 looks awsome. Thanks.
File: DerpyUI (alpha)05-16-11
Brilliant many thanks should be no...
Posted By: mmitch
Brilliant many thanks should be no problem to change the scales I already changed the length of the bars etc anyway. Awsome UI and great help! Much appreciated
File: DerpyUI (alpha)05-16-11
Last stupid question I promise, I a...
Posted By: mmitch
Last stupid question I promise, I almost have it all perfect now! Just a weird thing with sfilger debuff/cooldown/buff bars that I enabled by moving the config.lua and adjusting - when I resize my window the bars end up in the wrong place normally I would fix this by checking the box in the Advanced options to use the UI scale slider...
File: DerpyUI (alpha)05-13-11
Stance bar?
Posted By: mmitch
Probably a stupid question but how do I get the stance bar to display - I have a druid but it doesn't show up.
File: Supervillain UI: 2 _fanupdate05-11-11
Many thanks for doing this! I did t...
Posted By: mmitch
Many thanks for doing this! I did take a look at your Hissy UI as an alternative and it is awsome - I would change to this but do you know how I would get the dot timer bars that are on supervillian UI into Hissy UI since it's based on your UI I was hoping it might be simple!
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)05-09-11
Yeah there are a lot of annoying bu...
Posted By: mmitch
Yeah there are a lot of annoying bugs now - I have issues with my bags and with the text box - if mung is not coming back is there anyone out there who can take over? I would hate to see this disappear but looks like I will have to start looking for alternatives :(