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File: FuBar 3.6.504-30-06
The Frenetic Pace of Patches?
Posted By: Tocho
First, I love Fubar. It's almost lag free, as far as I can tell. That said, the frenetic pace of "updates" is making me sad. (I'm trying to not be offensive here) While I think that it is comendable for an author to make updates and improvements to their code, 3-6 a week? Isn't that a tad bit, obsessive. And to top it off, the...
File: CTMod07-29-05
Conflict with BibMod?
Posted By: Tocho
There seems to be a conflict between this mod and BibMod with the latests update. Bags disapear and I've crashed a few times since loading. Just an FYI. Keep up the great work! Tocho