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File: MalygosStaticAlarm03-18-09
Grats Rav
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I see me in that pic :) Finally nice to see you over on Wowinterface Great Mod. Steak
File: FuBar EarthShield07-04-07
If your looking for a easy way to r...
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If your looking for a easy way to recast Earthshield on your target try this macro /cast Earthshield (don't know proper spell name can be shift clicked into macro) just set The Tank as your Focus with a /focus and never worry again ;) I could go more complex and make it so on right click you focus on left click you cast...
File: Intervene Icons02-08-07
Sounds, great cept I use AGuF Lol....
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Sounds, great cept I use AGuF Lol. Oh well back to the macros ><
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced01-25-07
Not sure if this is where I post it but...
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Mana Tombs final Boss the name of the Helm is different Mask of the Howling Storm http://www.thottbot.com/?i=58079 Not Veil of whatever it is in there now :)