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File: dNamePlates08-20-10
These nameplates look really awesom...
Posted By: OmeCorn
These nameplates look really awesome, but in a Raid the memory can shoot up to 5mb. :( Any way to fix this?
File: Numeration Damage Meter08-18-10
Like this addon, but I was wonderin...
Posted By: OmeCorn
Like this addon, but I was wondering if it is possible to make a Healing only mode. Without the guessed absorbs. That would be great. :)
File: oUF_Neav07-27-10
Raid Pets
Posted By: OmeCorn
I try to add raid pets to the raid layout, but I got a problem with the Health.Value. If I don't add: self.Health.Value = self.Health:CreateFontString(nil, 'OVERLAY') etc. etc. It registers gaining or losing health on the healthbar just fine (but gives me the .lua error "Value = nil"). But as soon as I try to add a se...
File: AzCastBar07-08-10
First of all I really love the addo...
Posted By: OmeCorn
First of all I really love the addon. But I have one slight problem: When I'm in a vehicle the AZCastBar is disabled and the Default Cast bar takes the job over. Is it possible to have the CastBar stay enabled while in a vehicle?
File: AfterCast (update of fan's update)07-06-10
Re: Aftercast Reset
Posted By: OmeCorn
Originally posted by emortee Hello, first of all thank you for keeping this nice little mod alive. I'd like to ask if it would be possible to add a command performing reset of the tracking of the next spell cast. As a rogue in arenas, I am usually stealthing around trying to sap the other rogue or druid, let's say I am mashin...
File: BasicChatMods07-02-10
Will it be possible to make the Edi...
Posted By: OmeCorn
Will it be possible to make the Editbox wider?