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File: SLCommunity 1.011-23-07
I would vote for columnization. Do...
Posted By: Mons
I would vote for columnization. Does my vote count? Also, a way to scale the tooltip or its font up...I use a funky font that's really hard to read at small font sizes. Edit: PS Have I said that I love these mods? Cause I do.
File: SLTimex 2.011-23-07
Missing elements
Posted By: Mons
I am experiencing "lost" elements upon relog or reload (namely, the latency element disappears and I can't get it back without reinstalling the add-on and WTF folder files. Also I'm getting the "bumping" error with SL Community. Otherwise, LOVE these add-ons. I too am sick of reliance on Fubar and Titan for information at a gl...
File: ShardAce02-17-07
Posted By: Mons
Any way to turn this off? I use for my Ventrilo push-to-talk, and am always inadvertently setting some random key to open ShardAce unintentionally.
File: PerfectRaid10-01-06
Buff icons?
Posted By: Mons
This is the sexiest raid mod I've ever seen, and I've tried a bunch. Just a feature request: buff icons would help me quite a bit. Even just the simple raid buffs would help.
File: OneBag301-05-06
Error message
Posted By: Mons
LOVE this mod, and was happy to see it updated for 1.9, especially to accomodate Soul Bags. But I've been getting this error message since updating, every time I access the bags, the bank, or even the Main Menu: OneBagCore.lua:323:attempt to index field 'Hooks' (a nil value). Once I get the error, can't use the main menu at all, b...