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File: World of Enhanced Warcraft ENB10-17-12
The ENB doesn't seem to work with MOP
Posted By: Wiznerd
It doesn't work anyhow. I tried both 32 and 64 bit client with no result. Tried pressing Shift+F12 - nothing. Switching from Directx 9 to 11 both ways - nothing. Turning Antivirus software off also didn't work. I have up to date video drivers and up to date DirectX drivers. No programs running in the background as well. I'm getting h...
File: Bartender407-02-10
I have a concern. I'd like to set...
Posted By: Wiznerd
I have a concern. I'd like to set my Xp Bar to show only if my Reputation Bar is shown. I reckon it's something to play with State Configuration, though, I've no clue what code should I use. Could anyone help? :)