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File: Grid01-02-08
Grid - Current Target Box?
Posted By: AtomicSilicon
I love Grid. In fact, I pretty much turn off all the party frames now and just use Grid. One thing I would love is to know if there is a way to have a Grid box appear with my current selected target. Maybe even another box with my focus target too. Mostly, this is also due to the fact I use Clique a lot with Grid. So when I target...
File: Grid02-05-07
Grid Questions
Posted By: AtomicSilicon
Hello, I am slowly using Grid more and more. There are a couple of features I would like to see: 1. Pets. It would be nice to be able to turn on and off pets. Maybe even just have them in a seperate grid layout? 2. Target! Most of all, I want a floating box that is my current target. And if I have a raid/party member ta...
File: FuBar 3.6.503-29-06
BossPanel is pretty cool. I think...
Posted By: AtomicSilicon
BossPanel is pretty cool. I think you got me to switch from Titan. But, one thing, I use a large monitor with a high rez. So I adjust the UI scale down a bit so I can fit more stuff on the screen and still have plenty of visible space. When I do this, Boss Panel no longer goes to the full edges of the screen. It aligns with...