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File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-03-10
I got it to save my aura filters as...
Posted By: janus09
I got it to save my aura filters assignments to frames through messing with it, copying and deleting saved variables several times, etc. Not sure which worked but one of them did and so I'm happy. My game was already located in the Public Folder so I don't think the virtual store was the issue.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-01-10
Aura Filters
Posted By: janus09
I have a question regarding the aura filters. I have a set of blacklists and whitelists and when I log out I have to re-apply them to the frames I want them on. The frames will always go back to no filters when I log. Am I missing something really easy or do you always need to re-apply your filters?