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File: LUI v306-02-10
Re: Re: about bartender
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Originally posted by Finmakin Check out http://web3.india025.server4you.de/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1290&start=0 I love you Finmakin , thx a lot :D :D :D , it works now how i wish, i had to modify something alone but i managed to do it, now it shows bars 2,3 at the place i want them after relogs. Thx again :)
File: LUI v306-01-10
about bartender
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Hy guys, sorry if i ask a question that has been asked before, i couldnt find any answer to my problem. I make move my action bars how i want with bartender and every time i relog the "bar2" and "bar3" resets, i dont know what to do, can someone link me the solution to this or if there is one, thx, and sorry again if i repeated a qu...