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File: LUI v306-04-10
Re: Re: Re: Quest tracking?
Posted By: wezpa
Originally posted by randomman Kinda sorta... right clicking opens up the Blizzard calendar, and I just meant the 'pvp flagged' option (so I can know if the Horde currently occupying Ironforge can come after me or not) Oh, before I forget -again-, is there any way to give the chat box/grid box a solid black backround? chat can b...
File: LUI v306-03-10
Bag changing
Posted By: wezpa
Hey Loui! Great great great UI. BUT, i can't figure out how to change bags? I have tried to search on it on google, so wouldn't spam with same messages. But i can't find it anywhere? Hope you can help. Kind regards wezpa :)