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File: LUI v306-10-10
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Originally posted by loui hmm you should be able to turn off castbar icons due the LUI OptionPanel. If not.... let me know i will check this. Totem Bar... you mean the Bartender totemBar i think... just type /bt and do whatever you want. If you mean the TotemTimerBar... i will add several options to the LUI OptionPanel in couple...
File: LUI v306-09-10
Hey Man:p
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Hey Dude:D, i've been looking at your and Caith's ui's for quite some time now and i really didnt wanna get myself into something that would take up 2 much Space on my computer, but when i overlooked the space requirements for this Thing i was really Suprised, im having a few minor problems though. For one, i'd like to be able to tu...