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File: Fulmination Spell Overlay10-23-11
forgot to mention , but you probbab...
Posted By: molgaar
forgot to mention , but you probbably need to disable "show spell alert's". you will find this option in Interface/Combat as a checkbox. but should be no problem disable this since its only fulmination it show's anyway. if any ideas to improve it im happy to get feedback.
File: Tidy Plates: Threat Plates (Legion)06-11-10
Hey. first off, thanks allot for le...
Posted By: molgaar
Hey. first off, thanks allot for letting us enjoy this awesome addon.. however there is just a few tiny parts of it, where i think could be improved a little. might be just me that got rly used to it, but my last nameplate addon i had, had the chanse to change the color of the font to "class collor".. however this helped me allot as...