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File: tInfo08-31-10
I Love You. <3 Haha, yeh it's...
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I Love You. <3 Haha, yeh it's what I ment :D
File: tInfo08-30-10
When I say class coloring, I refer...
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When I say class coloring, I refer to the prefix (ms / MB / fps (fps) / dur) being colored by the players class i.e 200 ms (ms colored Blue - I am a Mage) 140 fps (fps colored Blue - I am a Mage) Etc... Other people may have different preferences, but this is what I mean :P
File: oUF Svelte08-28-10
Re: Re: Fading / Bar Alpha Options?
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Originally posted by Ferous I'll look into it :) Good Enough For Me :D
File: oUF Svelte08-27-10
Fading / Bar Alpha Options?
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Possible to change these, in accordance with oUF_Barfader... really my only missed option :(
File: tInfo08-27-10
Works :D
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Class Color Seconding !!! and Fps Seconding!! :D
File: tInfo08-26-10
Not Working?
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No frame appears. Even if it is the only addon enabled... :(
File: bdChat08-25-10
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Disregard This Post.
File: oUF_Freebgrid08-22-10
Quick question...
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Somehow possible to change the color of the background / frame (behind the name) to a dark grey? If this is possible - I will jump over immediately from grid :D
File: sThreatMeter208-04-10
Re: Border/Background
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Originally posted by richerich Is there a way to change background texture and also add a border texture? it looks a bit plain with no border texture ;) Seconding this - Absolutely needs a Border :)
File: bdChat08-03-10
*Edit* Noticed you updated... N...
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*Edit* Noticed you updated... Nice addon :D Was wondering how one would go about removing the brackets around player names when they type / speak in a channel. (Providing this is not beyond the addons limits :)) Profool.
File: oUF_Nivea07-31-10
Works :D
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Ta for the code, knew it was something along those lines :P I've seen that this options is generally staple over the unit frames / certain ouF layouts that I have used :)
File: oUF_Nivea07-31-10
Target Buffs / Debuffs Question...
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Hey, nice layout :) Was wondering if it is possible to; 1. Only show Player Buffs on Target. 2. Only show Player Debuffs on Target. Not that great with Lua - But I think you can filter it or something (You would know more than me :p) :confused: Cheers :) *Edit Spelling*
File: SLDataText07-29-10
Durability String Question...
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Hey :) Was wondering if its possible to change the order of what is displayed for the Durability string? For example, the default is; "*Secondary Text* xx%" (Secondary text and the Armor / Item Durability %) Would it be possible to swap those positions around? Etc - "xx% *Secondary Text*". Thanks for your time :) *I...
File: Ninervate07-25-10
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Thanks for directing me to that Rebirth Addon, I'll use it tonight - and see how it goes :) Menu via / command is very usefull :P
File: sStats07-25-10
[Request] Beautiful but....
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Would be nice if the tooltip for the addon memory listed known addons in order of most to least memory usage (or / with the ability to trim to the max X).
File: zStats07-25-10
Memory Bug / Error / Glitch?
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Memory module tooltip doesn't display any Kb / Mb for any addons, just lists them in what I believe to be the highest to lowest order... Would love to see "Class Colour" Prefix's implemented etc. 120 FPS (Druid)
File: Dominos07-25-10
Cannot Configure Bars :(
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Note I Am An Idiot. P.S - Check Dominos Configuration (LoD) *FacePalm*
File: Skada Damage Meter07-24-10
Title Bar Strata (Or Solidity)?
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Just wondering if its possible to change the Strata or make the Title bar + background a solid object or something. I have my skada setup over my minimap - so when its in use, the bars for the actual feeds (dps / hps threat etc) cover the minmap (strata changed). However, my title bar and background always seem to be "faded"...
File: stText07-24-10
Not Sure If Im Blind...
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But is there a option to change the path to which font the texts use? :S Sorry if its painfully obvious I just looked through all of the lua's ... Otherwise Great :D EDIT: Ummm, my memory module refuses to work / load, I have not changed anything in the LUA except to changing the other module's to off, and lowered the font...
File: Ninervate07-24-10
Works Great - Idea....
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Really does simplify my needs, and usefull - but would it be possible to disable the "whisper" player part, gets quite annoying when i have to use it on my self... Also - Would love to see Rebirth be incorporated into this (or same idea separate addon). Quite annoying having my rebirth / rez macro spam >.>
File: bdMinimap07-22-10
Not sure if anyone else is experien...
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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, or if its a bug or something but; I have had the white border disabled, and changed the scale of the map slightly, and it appears that part of the map "Sticks" out from the border (Map not stopping where the border is) (Notably the Left side of the minimap). This also happens if I...
File: TinyDPS07-22-10
Sorta broken for me :(
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Originally posted by joemawma Broken for me as well. Mine won't let me "hide" the minimap button, even when enabled in the options, and also - if the button or Tdps itself, is hidden, performing a /reloadui or /rl w/e causes it to reset and "show" the main window and the button :(.
File: AzCastBar07-08-10
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Is it possible to change the "default" normal cast colour to that of the player class? Etc - Mage = Blue DK = Red etc... Pretty sure this is the line { type = "Color", var = "colNormal", default = { 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 }, label = "Normal Cast Color" }, Yes / No / Maybe? Or do I have to resort to different profiles for my...
File: oUF_lazy06-30-10
Re: Re: Me Again :D
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Originally posted by relaxo Shouldn't be much of a problem. I will try to find out in the next days. Please tell me if the layout is still working, now that the new oUF-framework is out. Umm, it appears that the "target", "focus" frames has ceased to work (For me atleast), other frames such as the "tot" I have disabled, so I wo...
File: oUF_lazy06-25-10
Me Again :D
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Was wondering if it's possible to save options for a different character? Specifically the, position and size of the frames? Cheers. :D