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File: Bati's UI01-22-11
Where did you get the aSettings at?...
Posted By: xparanormalityx
Where did you get the aSettings at? I can't find it anywhere. ;(
File: ElvUI12-28-10
Action bar?
Posted By: xparanormalityx
When I click 1-2-3 nothing on the action bar moves, is there a away to fix that?
File: Skaarj UI11-06-10
I just recently installed your UI (...
Posted By: xparanormalityx
I just recently installed your UI (It's fantastic btw!) but when I'm on my priest, I can get about 60-70 FPS, but when Im on my druid I can only get about 10, is there something wrong, or do I need to reinstall the UI? Or I attack the training dummy and I go from 70 fps to 10. Have no idea what is causing it :(
File: Satrina Buff Frames 306-16-10
Posted By: xparanormalityx
So I just downloaded the buff frame but I am trying to get the Auras to be at the top and the rest of the buffs be in Desending order. But all I can do is get them in desending order with the auras on the bottom. Is there a way i can change it?